Software Engineering – The growing future

The future of software engineering has been the talk in the room for a while in recent years. ICT is one of the highest mismatched occupations. The demand for ICT professionals is forecasted to triple by 2020.

Software engineering will be in an enormous demand in the coming future, as everything getting digitalized, there will be an increased demand for software engineers. From website development, designing to creating applications, each and everything needs programming. There are a plethora of programming languages in place as well as many more coming up with the changing trends in the industry.

IT companies are in the constant race of innovation and offering something new to the people. With the rise in competition and also for a business to be profitable, it's important that the company should be the leader in innovation and not the follower. For this, there will be a need of software engineers who can actually give life to the owner's ideas. If we talk about, robots taking the place of humans, it wouldn't be possible without software engineering. For a robot to replace a human and carry out all his tasks and think like one, there has to be certain high ended coding required to be fed into it so that it does exactly what a human does or may be better and more accurate than us.

Change is constant! The tools, software and hardware won't be the same in the coming future. Everything in IT industry keeps improvising. There are certain set of codes needed for this evolving hardware and software to work to its best potential. Also software engineering is something where individuals can bring out their own creation which will be tomorrows trending tool or platform which billions of people will be hooked into.

Software engineering is a must for IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine learning, to be a success in future. There will be a never ending demand for software engineers globally. According to Forbes, a software engineer who just graduated, his/her median starting salary with no work experience is currently $54,900. There are chances for at least a 60 percent salary growth throughout his or her career. It's a thumbs up for individuals thinking to get in or who are already into this field.

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