Salary Package for a Coder or Software Developer

While we transform ourselves into a digitized world, the need of computer applications has been increasing since last few decades. Computer applications are not limited to desktops, they are now integral part of cars, medical equipment, Television sets and various electronic devices. Therefore, the demand for software developers has significantly increased. Everyone who is fascinated about becoming a software developer has this question – How much will I get paid? In this article, we will talk about salaries and pay ranges around the world for a beginner coder in the ICT industry. 

According to, United States is the highest paying country for Software Developers.  The median salary is around $105,760 per year and beginners can expect job offer starting at $58,000. On top of this, various employee benefits can be expected. 

Coming to the European region, Switzerland and Denmark offer the highest packages to software engineers compared to other countries. The median salary of a software developer in Switzerland is $80,000 as per In rest of the Europe median salary range is between $47,500 – $55,650 per year. 

It is observed that the pay gap between entry level roles and senior roles varies by countries. The highest salary gap between junior and senior engineers can be seen in the United States, Australia, Switzerland, and New Zealand. The range of the gap is from $25,000 to $30,000. However, France has the lowest difference in salaries, which is only $8,000. 

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