The 6 best programming languages

From generation to generation old programming languages become outdated while new programming languages are introduced, but they never gain grip. A common question among coders is that which programming language they should spend learning in, i.e. in demand, better outlook, or plenty of jobs. So, the top 

6 Trending Programming Languages are mentioned below with their pros and cons. 


1. Javascript

Javscript is one of the important languages taught in every bootcamp. It's a must to know language, if you are a programmer. It is used mainly for creating effects which are interactive in the browsers. It is one of the core existing technologies of the web with HTML and CSS. It is also used as front end in may cases as well as in number of web frameworks.


  • Speedy
  • Optimises server loads
  • Versatility
  • Easy learning
  • Eye catching interfaces


  • Client security
  • Interprets different in different browsers
  • Slow operation


2. Java

Java is the most common programming language and its very much in demand. It is a general-purpose programming language and can be used in any platforms. It is the most popular programming language.   It is used for Big data and for web and software development. 


  • Flexibility
  • Object oriented
  • Simple syntax
  • Less security risks
  • Independent (write once run everywhere)


  • Poor performance
  • Unattractive look and feel
  • Memory management 


3. PHP

PHP is suited for web development and it can also be embedded into HTML. It is an open source scripting language.  It also has various frameworks with the use of which it proves to be more efficient. It reduces the tasks of writing long and composite codes.


  • Runs on various platforms
  • Can connect with the database easily
  • Simple, Fluent & Organised
  • Open source


  • Error handling


4. C++

It is the oldest programming language. It is the base for all other programming languages. This is an advanced version of C language. It is used in wide range of platforms for creating applications which is performance centric. They are also used for commercial products and gaming software. This language is used to learn the basics of programming. It is a moderate level of programming language as it has the basic level as well as the advanced level imbibed in it.


  • Similar to C# and Java
  • Compatible 
  • Small standard library
  • Compiled language
  • Speedy


  • Complicated
  • No flexibility in syntax
  • Less memory management


5. Swift 


Apple in 2014 developed Swift for Linux and Mac applications. It is an open source programming language which is easy to learn. It supports almost everything from programming language Objective-C. Compared to other programming languages, swift takes less coding.


  • Easy to read
  • Easy to add new lineaments
  • No long guidelines
  • Prevents memory leakage


  • Volatile due to continuous updation
  • Limited 


6. Python

Python is mostly commonly used programming language also one of the top ones. Because of its readability, it's the easiest language which even beginners can use. Its free and open source. Its also used for machine learning and community development. Various 2D & 3D animations and also scientific and computational languages are built with the help of python 


  • Easy to use
  • Less use of codes


  • Speed problem
  • Not mobile friendly

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