13 Reasons why Coding

Coding is not just a profession in IT however, it has opened up a whole new realm of creative possibilities. With coding you can develop career in almost any field. At the beginning people may find programming difficult however, when they learn coding, they find it liberating.


13 Reason Why Coding-


  • Earning Potential: Coding in IT Profession has great earning potentials. Research Showing programming jobs are growing 50% faster than the job market overall. 


  • Expand Creativity: A person expand its creativity when they learn to Code. It involves creating our own designs, including graphics, applications, storytelling, and building our own imaginary worlds and characters.


  • High Employment Rate: Many major organisations are trying to automate their processes. The need for employees with coding experience outside IT department is increasing. As a result, the employment rate of coders is higher than most of the professions.
  • Coding Is Future: In this developing world most of the businesses depend on computers. Computers are making our life simpler, to continue doing that, technological advancement is necessary. This is achieved by effective programming.


  • Stay Updated: You won't be left behind as being able to command this computerized world. Unlike other skillsets, ability to code won't be replaced by anything else.


  • Get Empowered: Coding is engaging and empowering and it's a necessary skill for 21st Century. Most of the global Challenges like Climate Change, environmental destruction, pollution, health epidemics, terrorism, armed-conflict and economic instability can be controlled with programming skills.


  • You Favour Society: It helps humanity in various fields and sectors. Including School, Colleges, Hospitals and Government offices.


  • Become a problem solver: Learning to code helps you to begin the problem-solving process. Coders learn to cut a problem into various small parts and tackle them separately. This principle can be applied in daily life to win over any challenges that we face.


  • Be Tech Savvy: Coders develop an ability to stay updated with latest trends in technology. Also, When it comes to making decisions about which technologies to use in business, having a coding background helps a lot.


  • Be a Business Communicator: Most of the business owners find it difficult to communicate with their programmers and designers. Additionally, they fail to understand the limitations of technology. Having a background in coding can certainly help in this issue.


  • Be a Tech Literate: Increases your Tech Literacy. No matter what your role is in the organisation, coding skills will provide you with a high level of tech literacy. Even if you do not want to be an IT professional, learning to code can help to explore the new possibilities. For Instance, many marketing professionals learn coding to analyse their large consumer data.


  • Improvise: Learning to code helps you to become an expert in debugging. In computing world, improving process efficiency has great value. You will be a great asset to entire Tech team if you can Fix major bugs when working in an agile environment.


  • Be a Superhero: Coding gives you Superpowers to create things which are beyond imagination.

Some Great Quotes by Influential People

  • "I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think."


  • "Our policy at Facebook is literally to hire as many talented engineers as we can find. There just are not enough people who are trained and have these skills today."

     Mark Zuckerberg – Founder Facebook

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