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Information Technology Current and Future Trends

Information technology is an industry on the rise, the emerging trends in IT are revolutionizing the medicine, entertainment and education fields.

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Coding for Beginners

Today, we can say that coding is the DNA of the digital world. Bootcamps are usually helpful to quickly master a particular skill with career guidance and 1:1 mentorship.

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Programmers Secret - 60WPM

As Jeff Atwood says, “We are typists first, Programmers second”. Typing speed and programming is not co related, but yes it has significance.

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The 6 best programming languages

A common question among coders is that which programming language they should spend learning in, i.e. in demand, better outlook, or plenty of jobs.

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13 Reasons why Coding

Coding is not just a profession in IT however, it has opened up a whole new realm of creative possibilities. With coding you can develop career in almost any field.

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Salary Package for a Coder or Software Developer

The median salary of a software developer in Switzerland is $80,000 as per Switzerland and Denmark offer the highest packages.

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Software Engineering – The growing future

Software engineering will be in an enormous demand in the coming future. From website development, designing to creating applications, each and everything needs programming.

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